Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stripes, leopard, and the skate park in my backyard.

Hey there, photo-bombing Moo

Top:Target, Skirt:Target, Shoes: Hunter

I'm just going to go ahead and say it.
It's probably me just being a diva. Probably??
But our back yard guys!
Lord, help us.
J and I have been living in a
cute little house that has been
a good fit for us right now,
but this yard.
Yep, that's it,
the cement nightmare pictured above.
Bless it's heart. It's just so. dead.
We'll be seeing you later though,
cause this little wife and her cute husband
are taking this show to a new house.
With a plush green yard {we're hitting the big times y'all}.
The move commences in April.
We're kind of becoming pros at this.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Deets lately and Poshing.

What a week!
For those of you that don't know, I'm a high school
choral and theater teacher. This time of year choir
competitions are in full swing. We had a pretty big one this week, 
so the weekend could not come soon enough.
Hubs and I have crashed and are pathetically 
vegging on the couch as we speak.
{Glory hallelujah!}

Insta Deets:

 Button Up: J.Crew Factory, Cardigan:H&M, Jeans:Hudson, Necklace: Max&Cleo

Button Up:J.Crew Factory, Sweater:J.Crew Factory, Puffer 
Vest: F21, Skinnies:H&M, Necklace: Max&Cleo

Yes, that's the same shirt again {No, she DIDN'T!} I've had this necklace for a
year and will never tire of it. Purchased at ModCloth but have also spotted it at Hallelu. Run and grab!

I know, I know. I'm that girl. Sharing this. This is obviously not outfit related but I just
had to share what a prince my hubs is. Still knows how to make this gal swoon...

Speaking of things that make me swoon. 
How about money in your pocket?
Enter Poshmark.
Poshmark is an IPhone app where you can sell items from your closet.
Those of you that follow me on Facebook are already aware of my 
fascination, as it's been blowing up my newsfeed.
{I didn't realize the accounts were linked so my bad on that one}
It's easy girls, I mean easy.They do all the work for you.
They cover the shipping cost. Simply print
 the label from your computer and go.
They do get a 20% cut, but with how easy
 it is it's totally worth it.
I've made over 400 bucks in two weeks. For real!
Below is a little peak at my Poshmark shop.
These items are still available so jump on over!
{Find me @elizabetheuna}

Sunday, February 3, 2013

What's love got to do with it?

 Hey there hubs- creeping in my sunglass lens.
Top: J.Crew Factory, Skirt: Windsor, Heels: Missoni for Target,

February! You are finally upon us.
Valentine's is one of my all time fav. holidays.
I know, I'm predictable in that way;)
J and I never get super out of control for the holiday.
Desserts, bubbly, and we're good to go.

The bauble necklace I'm sporting today is
 compliments of the lovely Leela Jane Boutique.
Ladies-wouldn't this be the perfect trinket for that V-day ensemble?
Gents-wouldn't your gal wanna plant one on ya if you 
swooped this up for her?
Yes and yes.
Check out their shop here.
And while you're feeling really frisky,
go like Leela Jane on Facebook here
 for a chance to win a $75 shopping spree at their online shop.

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