Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No she didn't...

Sweater: H&M, Button-up: J.Crew Factory, Jeans: Michael Kors, 
Shoes: Modcloth, Necklace: Glamour Me Jewels {found on Etsy}

A girl commandment in the South, broken {for shame!}.
Every bit of me is just itching for spring to get. here. now. and my pants are showing it.
Unfortunately March has slapped us in the face with 40 degree weather.
Not cool March, not cool.

I hope this week's been good to you sweet friends!
If you'll excuse me, I'll be over in the corner doing my happy dance
thanks to a four day work week the next 2 weeks.
Bless you Easter holiday, bless you.
J and I are Alabama bound to visit our fams.
Can't wait because I have someone pretty important to meet,
but more about that later...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cause you don't wanna see my zombie face...

Ever so often {very rarely, can't overstate how rare} I'll have that
weekday morning where I magically awake super early minus alarm clock,
having all this glorious time to get all-the-way dressed.

The other 99% of the time I'm getting up at the latest possible moment,
throwing a few items on my face so that I do not look like a complete zombie mess.
I'm not a make-up expert by any means, but I promise you cannot
go wrong adding these 5 products to your primp routine...

purchase here

I was normally a Maybeline/Covergirl mascara kind of gal
 until the folks at Sephora dropped a sample of this into my bag.
It's been a match made ever since. 
Specifically- I love the wand. Great at thickening and lengthening lashes.

purchase here

I cannot not sing enough praises of this stuff.
 A translucent mineral powder that is skin clearing and contains SPF.
I use it by itself on hurry days, as well as over foundation.

purchase here

I have horrible under eye bags.
This under-eye concealer covers the whole shebang
and contains collagen {which never hurts!}.

purchase here

Great at enhancing complexion. 
I dab this on my cheeks and brow bones.
One bottle will last forever.

purchase here

Another Benefit product {can you tell I'm a fan?}.
A well shaped brow adds so much to your facial structure,
and this pencil does not disappoint.
I know- you're thinking "20 bucks for a pencil? It better have gold in it."
Trust me. I tried a couple of drugstore brands but found myself
 always looking more like the Joker.
This pencil goes on with a very natural look.

That's all I have today gals,
but before you go...did you hear that Google Reader is getting the ax?
Sad but true. You can still follow me here on Bloglovin.
I appreciate it sweet friends!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patty's according to my iphone...

Who knew that Jackson hosts one of the biggest
St. Patrick's Day celebrations in the country??
Not bad for our little town!
It had a very Mardi Gras feel to it, but I assure
you no improper shenanigans were involved in the obtaining of these beads;)

St. Patty's has always been a favorite of mine.
{I actually get pretty excited about every holiday...shocker!}
Here are a few pics from the day...

{check out that sunburn guys...YIKES!}

Button-down: Old Navy {on sale for 15 bucks right now here!}, 
Denim: Banana Republic, Belt: Old Navy, Sunnies: H&M

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The time I became a Vampire Diaries star...

Just had to document this exquisiteness. Thank you Cafe Beignet for doing my tumm a huge favor.  

*Outfit 1- Chambray aka Old Faithful: Old Navy, Necklace: Max&Cleo, Denim: H&M
*Outfit 2- Scarf: H&M, Jacket: F21, Sweater: H&M, Skinnies: H&M, Shoes: Converse

New Orleans was wonderful. 
Just the bit of relaxation J and I needed.
Once you get settled into this normal, everyday married life
{you know. the...... "Did you pay that bill?" or.......
 "I didn't feed the dogs, I thought YOU fed the dogs"},
it's easy to get caught up on what errands need to be run
or what laundry needs to be done.
{cause Lord knows there will always be laundry in the 
Kimbrough house, until the end of time. woof.}
But you don't want to lose focus of that stud of a husband 
that got down on one knee a couple of Septembers ago.
No thanks, not this gal.

A great little recharge to get us back to where we need to be.
Blessed and grateful.

On another note,
if you follow me on Instagram {@elizabetheuna}
you know that we wondered onto the set of 
Vampire Diaries while we were in NOLA.
When I say "wondered," I mean our friends
Brandon and Robin told us VD was filming
so I crazily ran across town to see for myself.
I love Vampire Diaries so it was pretty neat.
Don't worry, I snapped a couple of 
stalker pics. Nothing too exciting but here ya go:)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

NOLA y'all.

NOLA y'all.
Bag: Forever 21, Red Camisole: J.Crew, Striped Tee: J.Crew, Sunnies: H&M, Jacket: Dorothy Perkins,
Denim: Abercrombie, Sandals: J.Crew, Polish: My Vampire Is Buff, Necklace: J.Crew

The second sweetest set of words to a teacher's ears.
{Summer vacation is first, obviously!}
J and I are getting away for a couple of days in New Orleans.
Who knows what the weather will do,
welcome to the South
so we'll be keeping it layered and casual...
and a Bloody Mary in hand never hurts;)

Have a wonderful week gals!