Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cause you don't wanna see my zombie face...

Ever so often {very rarely, can't overstate how rare} I'll have that
weekday morning where I magically awake super early minus alarm clock,
having all this glorious time to get all-the-way dressed.

The other 99% of the time I'm getting up at the latest possible moment,
throwing a few items on my face so that I do not look like a complete zombie mess.
I'm not a make-up expert by any means, but I promise you cannot
go wrong adding these 5 products to your primp routine...

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I was normally a Maybeline/Covergirl mascara kind of gal
 until the folks at Sephora dropped a sample of this into my bag.
It's been a match made ever since. 
Specifically- I love the wand. Great at thickening and lengthening lashes.

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I cannot not sing enough praises of this stuff.
 A translucent mineral powder that is skin clearing and contains SPF.
I use it by itself on hurry days, as well as over foundation.

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I have horrible under eye bags.
This under-eye concealer covers the whole shebang
and contains collagen {which never hurts!}.

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Great at enhancing complexion. 
I dab this on my cheeks and brow bones.
One bottle will last forever.

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Another Benefit product {can you tell I'm a fan?}.
A well shaped brow adds so much to your facial structure,
and this pencil does not disappoint.
I know- you're thinking "20 bucks for a pencil? It better have gold in it."
Trust me. I tried a couple of drugstore brands but found myself
 always looking more like the Joker.
This pencil goes on with a very natural look.

That's all I have today gals,
but before you go...did you hear that Google Reader is getting the ax?
Sad but true. You can still follow me here on Bloglovin.
I appreciate it sweet friends!

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Sara Elizabeth said...

High Beam & They're Real are two of my staples as well!