Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Horses and stripes.

Happy Wednesday everyone. Hopefully you have all recovered from Fat Tuesday.
Husband and I didn't get too crazy, just another low key school night.
I'll fill you in with the Weekend Wrap later in the week, 
wanted to squeeze in a couple of outfit posts before time got away from me.
Thanks for reading, enjoy!

Old Faithful a.k.a. Chambray Shirt: Old Navy, Striped Tee: Loft, 
Denim: Banana Republic, Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor

Took these guys Monday before J and I went to do a little house hunting.
{more about that later in the week}

Dress worn as top: ASOS, Pants: gifted

Snapped after church Sunday.

Forgive me on the picture quality, it's a work in progress.
Husband and I have very different schedules, so much of the time
I have to be creative on how to get the shot.
It also wouldn't hurt to have that Canon camera I've been eying;)
{*hint hint* J}

Thank you for being patient and wonderful!


Julie D. said...

Great blog!
Love both of these outfits. The first one is just like something I would wear.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Julie! This is one of my favorite purchases I've made in a while.

Magda said...

beautiful watch:)