Thursday, June 21, 2012

New neighbors.

This is what procrastination looks like, my friends.
 There are more boxes than I'd care to say scattered around our new house right now. 
I'm doing everything in the world to avoid unpacking them.
Think kicking and screaming. Don't. Wanna. Do it.
Guess that's what happens when you move twice in three months.

I will say that I'm kind of falling in love with our sweet little neighborhood.
Everybody knows everybody, children ride their bikes up and down our street,
and block parties aren't uncommon. Count me in;)

I can't wait to delve into this new city. I'll keep you guys posted along the way, of course.
Hope your weekend is wonderful. Husband and I have a few shenanigans coming up.

Leaving you with a little sampler of some random shots of my week...

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