Sunday, January 6, 2013

A look-back.

2012. What a time you were.
 Jobs were changed, homes were moved, toupees were worn 
{by dogs no less, but that still equals a great time in my book}. 
Can't wait to see what curve balls 2013 will throw at us. 
One thing is for sure, as long as I've got this stud, everything will be peachy.

May your blessings be endless in 2013,
cheers my friends!

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Morgan said...

aww, what a fabulous recap of your year in pictures :)

May I ask, where did you get the adorable beanie hat in the 6th to last picture!? so cute! love it!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much Morgan! I picked it up at Target. Thanks for visiting! XOXO

Megs said...

i love your look back! your outfits are always so gorgeous & well thought out! can't wait for what you bring to the new year on your blog! xo, megs