Thursday, March 20, 2014

Style right at your door.

Maxi Dress: Target, Kimono: BUMPstyle Box, c/o; Turquoise Bib Necklace: Hallelu {old},
but looove this; Long Turquoise Necklace: gifted {similar here and here}, Lips: MAC-Girl About Town

I think it's safe to say we're looking pretty large and in charge these days...
this boy is ripe and ready for picking;) His mama and daddy are ready too.
Tomorrow we have our last office visit with my OB.
We're definitely set to induce Tuesday {wow!!}. Tomorrow she'll be letting
us know if we need to come in Monday night or early Tuesday morning.
I'm going to try and squeeze in one more post before then,
if I don't get the chance though I do have a slate of amazing blogger friends that are 
going to be sharing with you guys the next few weeks while I tend to my little boy.
I'll pop in every now and then, but I definitely want to soak in every minute I can of our new little family.
{You can also stay more up-to-date with our adventures the next few weeks through my Instagram}

On another note,
I also wanted to share with you guys my love for BUMPstyle Box.
This is seriously the best thing ever for you fashionable and busy moms-to-be!
They do all of the work for you!
First-create your style profile, then select a date and time to
chat over the phone with your personal stylist. During this
time your stylist will also instruct you as to how your credit card
information needs to be entered on your profile.
{Important to note-when your box is shipped, half the total value of the box
will show up as a "pending charge" on your bank account. This is simply
BUMPstyle Box putting a hold on your card. Your card will not actually be charged
until your box has been returned and will only be charged for the amount of items you decide to keep.}
Lastly-you receive your box, along with a note from your stylist suggesting
how to wear each of the items. Simply keep what you love and
return the rest, shipping is free both ways. Can't beat it!
Going through the contents of the box was SO much fun!
Mine contained lots of postpartum items since I'm nearing the end of my adorable nursing clothes, leggings, Milkscreen,
LilyPadz {silicon nursing pads}, a beautiful Loren Hope necklace, the kimono
I have on above, and perhaps my favorite...a matching pair of pajamas for baby
and I to wear at the hospital {does it get any cuter??}.
Check out their video below to learn more about how BUMPstyle Box works!

Thank you again for the positive thoughts and prayers everyone is sending our way.
Love you guys!!


Julie said...

Love the big statement necklace paired with the simple black dress.

Style by Joules

Anonymous said...

You are simply radiant and glowing! Who says pregnancy style cannot be glam, fabulous, but comfy?! I cannot wait to see pics of your little man :)

xoxo, Sara

Lifes Better Being Southern said...

I'm pretty sure you look like the chicest pregnant woman I have ever seen! You look beautiful!