Friday, July 1, 2016

Pregnancy story on baby numer two!

 Hi guys!
Man, it's been a while since you've heard from me here.
If you follow me on Instagram you know that this second pregnancy has
been pretty rough. The complete opposite of my pregnancy with Hugh,
which was a dream. This go-round the nausea and fatigue have been intense,
which is why I've been laying low the past couple of months.
Thankfully, I have been feeling much more like myself the past couple of
weeks and I'm look forward to everything settling back to normal.

Today I wanted to share with you the story of this pregnancy.
Most of you know that our journey to conceive Hugh was a little involved.
A brief refresher...after a year of trying to get pregnant on our own it
was discovered that I had endometriosis, along with abnormally low hormone levels.
After a surgical procedure to remove the endometriosis, along with a round of Clomid 
we were ecstatic to become pregnant with Hugh.
I realize so many couples endure much, much more than this. I can't imagine.
We were incredibly blessed that our situation was a relatively simple fix,
but at the time it was still quite emotionally trying for us both. 

I bring all of this up because as we started planning to try for another baby,
I had prepared myself that we once again may have a long road ahead of us.
Also at this time I had some physical symptoms recurring that were
 leading me to believe that my endometriosis may be returning.
It was almost time for my annual exam anyway so I went ahead and made an
appointment with my OB. At my appointment she confirmed that indeed
it did appear my endometriosis had returned. We agreed that we would try
two rounds of Clomid and if unsuccessful they would go back in and operate.
 I was discouraged to hear her confirmation but was happy to have a game plan.
The next few weeks I prayed intently that God would allow us to conceive
without the need for another surgical procedure. The process of trying to become
pregnant has always stressed me out, at the same time it also gave me a complete
Divine dependence because I had to rely solely on Him. I cherished that reliance.

We completed the first round. No pregnancy.
I strangely wasn't that upset. Like I said, I had mentally prepared myself
a lot going into this. I also had a Godly peace that it would happen in His time, not mine.
A lesson I had absolutely learned the first time.

The second month I woke up early Easter morning feeling incredibly nauseous.  
I knew it was too early to already be feeling sick even if I were pregnant but I went 
ahead and took a pregnancy test. Negative. Ugh. After looking at negative
test after negative test trying to conceive Hugh I swore I'd 
never take another test unless I was at least a week late. Oh well.
I would later quickly realize that I'd come down with a stomach virus. Woof. 
Anyway, another week passes and guess what? Still no monthly visit.
I didn't get my hopes up though. I had a negative test a few days prior and I knew
it was common to get late periods on Clomid. I decided I'd give it until the weekend 
and if it still hadn't come I'd take another test.
Saturday morning finally came and I of course woke up at like 5 am anxious to take the test.
I sat alone in the bathroom while everyone else was still asleep
and what pops up but two pink lines. The most beautiful sight ever. 
I went back to bed and laid there (for what felt like an eternity) for Jonathan to wake up.
When he finally did I passed him the test and told him to take a look.
We were so, so happy.
No surgeries. No months and months of endless worry and frustration.
Just like that, our second baby was on the way.

{I later figured out that when I took the first test I 
was still in that early gray area where it may or may not show up.}

So there ya go. That's how this second baby came to be.
I'm 17.5 weeks and it still hasn't fully set in.
We're still floating on cloud nine.
I'm just so thankful. So grateful. 
And thank you so, so much for your sweet comments.
We have loved reading each one. I love you guys and I'm so excited
to share these next few months with you.

Most of you know the gender, which I already shared on social media.
I will be telling you that story and how we revealed it to our families
some time over the next week or so. Again, thanks for reading
and following along. Have a blessed Fourth and a safe weekend!

Much love to you all!! xoxo


Unknown said...

Love love love this story Elizabeth!! Thank you for sharing. It helps to remember that things will happen in His time, not ours. Have a great 4th and congratulations!



Unknown said...

I just read your story and it brings back so many memories for me. we tried for a year, nothing. I went to a fertility specialist, after doing a laporoscopy, it was confirmed I had endometrosis. I had the surgery and started hormone treatment. In the meantime, we were on an emotional roller it was time to take the clomid...a month later I was pregnant!! the whole process to become pregnant was 3 years.I was also told I could never have another baby. I was fine with that, I had a baby girl!! six months later i felt sick...I did a pregnacy test and it was light blue. waited a few days, it was darker! did the 3rd one with my husband,it was even darker!!! we were pregnant!! I always felt my babies were gifts from God, and so thankful to have them in my life. thank you for sharing your story, stay well and enjoy this time in your life. jeanne polis-madonna's friend!!