Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This weekend took a bit of an unexpected turn. 
My Grandmommy's beautiful life came to an end at the age of 93 {strong gal, no?}. 
She was a farmer's wife,but not the kind of farmer's wife content to stay in the house 
and do "lady" things. No. She was out in the fields with my grandfather,
doing every bit of the work he did. My grandfather left this earth many years ago, 
22 to be exact. While reflecting on her life these past few days, as a new{ish} wife, 
I could not imagine being parted from my partner for that extent of time. I admire her
will to live on, honoring my grandfather in all that she did.

It's times like these that one often reflects on one's own life as well.
I found myself asking three questions. I am sharing these with you, my
wonderful blogger audience, as a means of holding myself accountable to be able to
answer yes to these questions each day.

1) Does Jonathan feel my love every day? 
I do realize that things can't be butterflies and rainbows all day, every day.
But for at least one time, everyday, does my husband feel my love and devotion to him.

2) Am I a faithful servant?
It's so easy to only become reliant on God in the tough times, the dark hours.
Am I seeking Him, relying on Him, everyday, regardless of my circumstances?

3) Am I fulfilling my life's purpose?
This one has always been tricky. I have felt my purpose change many times
throughout my life. First through dance, then music, and now as an educator of music.
My ever-changing path in life used to always frustrate me.
I always imagined I would have one calling. One destiny. That I would find it and follow through.
Feeling that I am, yet again, on the edge of something new {really? another purpose?!},
I realize that maybe the drive of my life is to have many different purposes, that that's ok.
{and no, I'm not pregnant. don't lie, you were thinking it!}

Sorry to get all heavy on ya. Just got up this morning with that on my mind 
and wanted to put it out into the universe.
Will have the updates for you that I mentioned here later in the week.

{and congrats on making it to the bottom of this post! you deserve a medal.}


Northern Style Exposure said...

You have the right attitude to get through this. Thanks for sharing

erica marie said...

Thanks for sharing this. I should be asking myself the same kinds of questions and really put things in perspective. I just so happened to be thinking the same thing about my grandparents...it's been almost 17 years now that my grandfather has been gone.

xo erica


first and foremost, i offer my sympathies to you and your family. secondly, i want to thank you for sharing your story with us. i felt like this speaks to me in so many ways... and you offer a really positive and encouraging view on coping with losing a loved one and living every day loving oneself and others. thank you so much.