Friday, June 8, 2012


My glorious, lovely friends. As you can probably tell
by now {due to my less frequent posts}, much has
been shaking in the world of husband and I.
We learned a little less than a month ago that
we're moving!
I'm so proud of J. He works so hard for our little family.
He's been anticipating this call from his company for a while.
We've been living back and forth for the past couple of weeks
 and make the final move in a few days.
While this is a super exciting time, it also comes with
a boat load of stress. Houses, jobs, you know the drill.
I thank you for your patience, support, and sweet comments.
I'm happy for things to settle back down and get back to this
dear blog because I sure do miss it, and you guys!

We'll return to some "real" pictures soon,
but today I leave you with a few shots of our recent road-trip travels.


Unknown said...

love the multicolored pastel nails! i've been meaning to try that, but everytime i start i forget and end up accidentally painting all my nails one color haha.

xo SideSmile,

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Anonymous said...

I love moving! It is a new adventure just waiting for you! I hope it goes as well as a move can go hahaha!

Allyson McGuire said...

I love that monogram necklace!