Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stripes, leopard, and the skate park in my backyard.

Hey there, photo-bombing Moo

Top:Target, Skirt:Target, Shoes: Hunter

I'm just going to go ahead and say it.
It's probably me just being a diva. Probably??
But our back yard guys!
Lord, help us.
J and I have been living in a
cute little house that has been
a good fit for us right now,
but this yard.
Yep, that's it,
the cement nightmare pictured above.
Bless it's heart. It's just so. dead.
We'll be seeing you later though,
cause this little wife and her cute husband
are taking this show to a new house.
With a plush green yard {we're hitting the big times y'all}.
The move commences in April.
We're kind of becoming pros at this.


The Sweetest Thing said...

YAY! congrats, girlfriend!

Unknown said...

WOW Elizabeth you look really sweet wearing your pink Wellingtons, such a girlie color, I love them.