Monday, April 7, 2014

Amy's mom moment...

Hello friends!!! I am extremely excited to be sharing with you all today on the blog! My name is Amy and I'm a blessed wife & momma of 3!! Here are my 3 little blessings: 

Selah 7, Soelle 4, and Silas 2

I must admit that motherhood has changed my life to the max! It's made me a better person in so many ways and although it has it's challenging moments, I wouldn't trade it for anything!! I was blessed with 2 girls back to back and when the hubby and I decided to try one more time for the boy I'm extremely glad we did!! My sweet Silas is an answered prayer and a miracle! When I was pregnant with the girls we decided to wait till they were born to find out what the sex of the baby was, but with my 3rd and last pregnancy we decided to switch it up and found out early what we were having. I remember when they told us we were having a boy that I cried so much! I was an emotional mess!!! I was in utter shock and sheer joy that God heard our prayers yet again and gave us the boy we wanted and were praying for! Silas' pregnancy went well and was pretty easy until the last month. We had gone for our routine visits and in one of those visits they had noticed in the ultrasound that his heart wasn't beating like it should. I won't lie...I was devastated and scared!! I had never experienced this with my girls pregnancies. Those visits then became more and more frequent as they couldn't figure out why his heart all of sudden was going out of rhythm. When he was born he was taken quickly from me to the cardiologist and placed in newborn intensive care unit. I was so worried about my baby. I felt so helpless. I remember praying to God and asking him to take care of my baby and heal his heart. I had C-sections with all my pregnancies. So it was a bit of challenge to go see Silas in the NICU, but I'd do it! Pain and all I'd have my hubby wheel me in so that I could nurse him and just hold my tiny miracle. 

He was connected to wires all the time and under doctor supervision constantly. He had a rare arrhythmia and when we went home he had to leave with a heart monitor. 

He was under doctor care and saw a  cardiologist for the first year of his life. By the grace of God and power of prayer Silas' heart, by the age of 1, was found functioning great and clear of any arrhythmia's. 

My hubby and I decided our family was complete when Silas was born. Although adoption has always been our wish, that could be a possibility in the future! We'd love another boy via adoption. Physically the c-sections were taking a toll on me so that was a big determining factor for us to stop and close the "shop". Lol! I'm forever grateful for my 3 miracles! God gives good gifts and I'm completely in love with my children. If I could give Elizabeth a few words of advice it'd be to enjoy her new baby boy to the max, take lots of pictures, hold him as much as you can, and remember to take things easy as you adjust to your new lil blessing! The house may be a mess or you may not be able to accomplish it all in a day and that's okay! Take it day by day and enjoy it all, because they grow up SO fast! In a blink of an eye they are newborns going to the age of 5! I can't believe how fast time flies when you're having fun!  Motherhood is a lot of work but completely worth it! It's love at first sight! A love that you never thought could happen so instantly but once you meet your bundle of joy you're hooked for life!! There are sacrifices we make on a daily basis as moms, but freely give just to see a smile on their face! Whether it be reading book #4 because they don't want to go to bed and are stalling! LOL! That happens when they get a lil' older. Here are a few snap shots of my sweet family and handsome Silas! 

Thanks for joining in friends and a BIG congratulations to my dear friend Elizabeth on her new bundle of JOY!!! 

XO, Amy

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