Friday, June 27, 2014

A new do and a giveaway!

Maxi Dress: Calvin Klein, Clutch and Necklace: Hue Studio, c/o

As you guys know, Jonathan and I moved back to our home state of Alabama
a few months ago. Especially as we have started expanding our family, we're so thrilled to be back.
Now that I'm no longer pregnant, I can finally start doing some fun shopping again!
Enter Hue Studio. They're awesome guys!
I've always been a huge fan of their store and was so excited to
connect with them when we moved back to Montgomery.
Right now we are giving away this adorable Shiraleah clutch and custom
designed Catherine Brawner state necklace of your choice.
Check out my original Instagram post here on how you can enter.
{Giveaway ends Monday}

If you're not in the Montgomery area, no worries!
You can follow Hue Studio on Facebook here and purchase whatever you like here.
Have fun!

And you probably noticed the chopped locks...
girl needed a change;)


Unknown said...

I love your hair! I can't wait to cut mine next week. I'm so impatient for my appointment. And that dress looks amazing on you.

Fashion and Happy Things

Zelle B. said...

Love the shorter hair -- you look amazing! Fab as always. xo!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Loving your pretty!

Ginny said...

Your hair looks great! Would you mind sharing how you style it?