Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My boys + me

Skirt: Shabby Apple, c/o; Top: Sheinside, c/o

Last week we hooked up with my sweet friend Leah of Lea Nicole Photography
to capture a few images of our little family.
I met Leah and Nicole on a shoot for a local magazine a couple of months ago
and have loved working with these ladies.

When we talked about shooting together, 
I knew this Shabby Apple skirt would be perfect for what we had in mind.
Such a wonderful day with my boys.
Thank you Leah:)

{p.s.~Blogger picked the worst day to not cooperate! Hence, some of the images lacking clarity:(
Dang you, technology.}


Marly said...

What a beautiful family! Absolutely love your outfit.

Threads for Thomas said...

Love the skirt! Such beautiful photos and family.
xo Rachael