Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trumpets sounded and there was much rejoicing...

Cause it's summer guys!!
{If I could do a series of backhand-springs,
this is where I'd be doing them}

Hubs and I are headed to Bama for a couple of days 
to spend some time with his fam before
heading down to Florida for the week.
Time to beach it up folks!

Catch me on Instagram to keep up with our vacay shenanigans next week!

I also had the wonderful opportunity to be featured on
Perfectly Coutured and Everyday Fashion and Finance's Three-fer Thursday Link-up.
These stylish gals feature their three favorite blogger looks every week,
so go link-up ladies!


The Sweetest Thing said...

Beautiful outfit. I'll take 1 of your body, please. Hello best legs ever!

Unknown said...

That skirt is beautiful, as is that necklace! Great outfit!


Anonymous said...

The colors in this outfit are great. That skirt is perfect and I like the big bold necklace. I can only imagine I'd like it better if the sweater was tucked in. I dislike a dropped waistline look. Otherwise, I love this!

Style by Joules

Lauren @ Style of Ones Own said...

Love the necklace and the skirt! You look so polished and yet fun/cute too!


Unknown said...

Gorgeous outfit! I love the skirt! So much you can do with it. :) Love your blog as well, just found it!


Joy Shana said...

You look gorgeous, i love the necklace

Nikki said...

Love love love the necklace.

Unknown said...

I love your skirt! You look gorgeous :)

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