Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jasper Hugh.

Long time, no see everybody!
I know it's taken me forever to get Hugh's birth story posted.
Finding the time to get my thoughts together the past couple of weeks has been pretty difficult...
welcome to life with a newborn, Elizabeth!
We are finally starting to settle into a routine,
so I'm excited to get back to blogging and connecting with you guys.
Now, let's get to the day our Hugh boy made his appearance...

I shared that we were originally scheduled to go in the morning of 
Tuesday, March 25th for a scheduled induction.
That Sunday J and I took it easy...the calm before the storm, if you will;)
We planned to do everything else that needed to be done-errands, housekeeping items, etc. on Monday.
So after a relaxing Sunday {mani/pedi for me, round of golf for him}, we turned in for the night.
Literally right when I got in bed I felt what can best describe as a "ping," followed by immediate pressure.
My water had broken. Baby time was now!

No real dramatics getting to the hospital, although our dogs were pretty freaked out as
to why Mom and Dad were leaving the house at 11:00 at night.
Hospital bag was packed and ready to go, just a quick change of clothes and we were on our way.
We got checked in to the maternity ward. At first we weren't completely certain if they were going to keep me overnight. The nurse checked me a couple of times. I was at about 2.5 cm, but she was unsure whether my water had broken or not because of the lack of fluid. The incredible pressure and contractions I was beginning to feel-I knew that it had. They eventually determined I had a slight break, think leaky faucet {kind of gross, I know}, 
and decided I would be staying and having this baby.
Around midnight I was really starting to feel an increase in pain, but nothing severe.
Things quickly took a turn though because by 1:00 am I was very uncomfortable and desperately ready
for the epidural. To me it felt like forever, but the anesthesiologist did come pretty soon and delivered the goods. Hallelujah! After that I was feeling comfortable and managed to sleep the rest of the night.

Our families arrived for the big show that morning.
The day itself was pretty low key. Thanks to the incredible staff at the hospital, my pain
was managed so well that I managed to sleep much of the day up until it was time to push.
After about 45 minutes of pushing, at 1:59 pm, our Jasper Hugh was born.
It was so surreal, like a dream. Finally having this little boy in my arms,
 that we'd prayed and tried so hard for.

I feel so lucky that we get to spend the rest of our lives with this boy.
I keep asking myself...what did we ever do before him?


Unknown said...

This was wonderful! You made me tear up. I remember looking at Hanan and thinking "oh, so this is what love really feels like!" I can promise you it only gets better. Every single day it gets better and better. When he tells you he loves you for the first time you will feel like you are going to explode because your body can't hold all of the love you feel! I am so very happy for you guys! Hugh is gorgeous like his mommy!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

He is so very precious! Loooove the name!