Thursday, September 8, 2016

Nursing wear with Bravado Designs

Nursing Cami: Bravado Designs, c/o; Duster: ASOS; Leggings: ASOS
Shoes: Nordstrom; Hat: ASOS; Bag: Fawn Designs, c/o

It really hit me this week that we have SO much to do before this baby girl gets here.
Jonathan and I started going through old baby stuff this week when I ran across
my nursing journal with Hugh. I had honestly forgotten how in the trenches it is
with a nursing newborn. It's so special and I wouldn't trade it for anything,
but man, it can be super tough. Time to start getting my game face on!

As I'm prepping for her arrival, I wanted to share with you guys some
amazing nursing wear from Bravado Designs that I'll be using the next few months. 
Above I'm wearing their Body Silk Seamless Nursing Cami's.
I lived in nursing camisoles the first three months. If we were out and about,
I'd just through on a little sweater, wrap, etc.

I really love this one by Bravado because it's comfortable and 
the built in bra gives you amazing support. You don't feel like you're about to pop out.
It's part of their new Seamless Collection that provides over-the-top smooth, seamless comfort.
I also have their Body Silk Seamless Bra and their Yoga Bra for exercising.
 These pieces will be so helpful once I'm back to the nursing grind.

Thanks for stopping by, guys.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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