Monday, September 19, 2016

Super Mom, Super Tired. Sleepwear with You Lingerie.

Pajamas: You! Lingerie, c/o

Who wants a real mom moment?
This shoot was originally supposed to feature Hugh and I both in pajamas.
Well, when we put his pajamas on he thought that meant bedtime-
a bit confusing to a two year old when it's the middle of the day.
So, he had a complete, epic meltdown.
A diaper it was, lol. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles, right?

The expression on these super cute You Lingerie pajamas could not be 
more correct after the past few days that we've had.
It has been a very in-the-trenches kind of week.
Long story short, Hugh had a double ear infection,
we ended up in the pediatrician's office both in tears.
Yep, I had a complete come apart.
That's what a week of sleep deprivation + pregnancy hormones will get you.
God bless that sweet doctor, she was an angel.
We're all on the mend now though and doing much better, thank goodness!
So yes-super mom, super tired....pretty accurate;)

Before you guys go...
Mamas, be sure to check out You Lingerie if you're in 
need of nursing intimates, tanks or sleepwear.
Their selection is incredible and my pjs are going 
to come in very handy once this little girl arrives!
I have the hardest time finding comfortable nursing wear
and their pieces are excellent.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week!

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aww you look so cute :X