Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fur vests and getting slapped.

Let me tell you what is typical Southern weather.
The temperature is rising, the sun is shining. You think, oh ok.
It’s going to be warm weather now. Shorts and sandals make their way out of your closet.
Thoughts of swimsuits start to appear {gasp!}.
But then. Then the weather takes its big fat hand and smacks you in the face.
Enter 40 degree weather in April. The final product of all this…a fur vest in April.
Who would have thought.

Sunnies: H&M, Top: Francesca's, Vest: H&M, Denim: Banana Republic, Flats: Tory Burch,
Necklaces: Max & Cleo, David Yurman, Charming Charlie

You beautiful people won’t be hearing from me for a few days.
Unfortunately I’m having some dental work done {gross}.
Is it sad that I'm kind of looking forward to it cause
I know I'll finally get to catch up on some sleep?

Linking up with the lovely Mrs. Marion of Marionberry Style for her trend of the month challenge!


Emily Devine said...

LOVE your blog! You have great style, this outfit is adorable!

We're experiencing the same weird weather in Southern California..rain to heat to rain. Makes getting dressed a challenge!


Marionberry Style said...

The floral top and the fur vest is kinda awesome! With the sunnies, you almost have a boho cool street style look...LOVE it!
And good luck with the dental work girl...doesn't sound like fun but I'm kinda jealous about the sleeping part. :)
XO - Marion

Unknown said...

love this outfit!! all the layered necklaces are so cute : )

xo SideSmile,

Unknown said...

OOH lady, will be thinking of you while you are out 'recovering'. Your lazy time will be well deserved after suffering from the dentist chair (was there last month-yuck!)...and yes I would slightly be tickled to get to catch up on sleep too!
Adorable outfit, kind of wish we had more cooler days to wear more things like this!
xoxo, Jessica
{good luck vibes your way!!}

Mia Maree said...

Fur AND Floral...YES please!! What a great look! I believe this is my favorite of the challenge. Way to go girl! Can't wait to see more looks!

Lucy Loves To Blog said...

Cute vest, really great outfit! Really cool photos too!

Lucy Loves To Blog

Simply Sarah said...

I totally need to steal this look, I love it!!! Lookin fab!