Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Active wear with Carbon 38

Jacket and leggings: Carbon 38, c/o

You guys are well aware that I am not the most avid of exercisers.
However I love athletic wear for running errands, etc, when I don't feel like getting fully dressed-
which is 85% of the time;)
I really adore Carbon 38's new line. Give them a look, you won't be disappointed!

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas week!
We made it to Alabama a couple of days ago, and man.
That drive from SC with a toddler...
it's a doozie.
If any of you have suggestions for car travel with littles I'd appreciate it so much.

Now time for food, family, and more food.

{P.S. We're taking today off for the Link Up but will be back next week}

Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by!


Unknown said...

I love your leggings and your jacket. You look fantastic. As far as traveling with the little ones by car, I used to always pop in a movie or play kids music such as Raffie or Justin Roberts. I wish you a wonderful holiday!


Unknown said...

I'm obsessed with printed workout pants - these are so cute! You look amazing as always -



Simona said...

You're so pretty dear! That jacket is so amazing and so is your hair! <3

Maggie Zemanek said...

I'm loving all of these looks! It's inspiring me to go workout haha....

Leah Behr said...

I love that look! The jacket is amazing!!

xx Leah /

Annessa said...

I love the idea of gym pants as casual wear as well. It gives the illusion of working out without having to actually do anything ;). The print you chose is awesome - I love how neutral the pattern manages to be!.


Gianna Blake said...
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