Monday, August 1, 2016

My exercise routine during pregnancy.

Tank, Leggings, and Sports Bra: Carbon 38, c/o

Truth be told,
I exercised very little during my pregnancy with Hugh.
The extent of it was walking a couple of times a week.
Overall, I had a really great pregnancy with the exception of the last trimester.
I had an incredible amount of swelling and retained fluid very badly.
It was miserable.

I knew this time around I wanted to maintain an exercise regimen to hopefully
spare me that last trimester experience, but also just keep me feeling great the whole pregnancy.
Coincidentally, I got into Pure Barre when we moved to South Carolina.
I had been told by numerous girls in my classes that it was an incredible 
workout for moms to be, so when I became pregnant again I knew
 it was something I wanted to continue.

I have absolutely loved it so far.
It's not crazily high intense, but challenging enough that my body is definitely getting a workout.
I'll let you guys know how I'm feeling toward the end of the pregnancy!

As for my workout gear, leggings and tanks are my go-to when I'm at class.
Carbon 38 has such a fashionable selection,
they're always my first stop for athletic apparel.
You can check out their site here!


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